Angel paintings merged with nature photographs. Cards to inspire the interconnectedness of life, to bring joy and feel beyond appearances. The angel paintings came effortlessly through inspiration. By working with inner promptings and searching through thousands of photographs, the Angels identified the emotional and perceptional matches between their messages and the qualities expressed in Nature. The angel paintings were merged, via the computer, with the nature photographs blending their qualities and bringing about powerful inspiring messages of guidance.


They come from my hand, my lens and my heart.

“Angels bless us by encouraging us to remember the interwoven tapestry of life. Their presence reminds us to live our highest truth in partnership with Nature. By feeling and expressing unconditional love and respect for the self, we cultivate deep abiding love and respect for the Earth. It is then that we know all of life to be a creation of beauty. Call on the Angels for messages of hope and inspiration. Feel their presence and gentle guiding grace.”  

Each card contains a descriptive caption and inspiring message. The small booklet contains an additional message.


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An example of how the cards were created