Nature as an extension of you!


Have you ever walked in the natural world and felt deeply connected?  Had the feeling that nature speaks to you through the fragrance of flowers, through birdsong and the beauty of the land, water and sky?  


When I silently and deeply connect with nature, I see these qualities in others.

For example:

~ Sparkles on the river dancing around someone’s face

~ Flower petals reveal eyes peeking through

~ The romance of the sunset becomes a pearl of devotion


“NATURE PORTRAITS” came from my experience and wanting to share what I see. In her diverse beauty, nature becomes a pallet for exploration, contemplation, play, joy and wonder. 


My process comes from inspiration and intuition.

What you receive will be a surprise.


“There I am.  Facing me.  I have her adorned in a large gold frame beside the bed.  She is more than art.  She is more than an impression that was caught on the winds of divine guidance and inspiration.  She is the green-eyed gaze peering from beyond the portal, through the portal, and as The Portal.  She will not and cannot be remiss.  To have this is my perpetual invitation in the Mystery of Embodiment.   My deepest gratitude to Karen for such pristine vision.”~AR

“I find in Karen’s artistic creations, a glimpse into the formless eternity of The Self. Thank you for such a gifted vision.” ~ RR

“You are so gifted! Bringing sacred and magic in a sublime way.” -HW