Please place your order.  Once I have received your order, I will email you to confirm your preferences for your image. 


What I will need from you;

1.  A digital photograph (.jpg or .png) of yourself, loved one or pet.  Please ensure the photo is of wholesome quality subject matter.*  


2.  Please select one option from each Style and Theme category:

Style:  Flower or Landscape

Theme:  Whimsical or Contemplative


After connecting with you and getting a feel for your preferences, I will work with the library of my nature photos to create your Nature Portrait, using between one and three layers of photographs. 


Note: The quality of the final digital image will be the same as the quality of the .jpg or.png that I receive from you. If something is out of focus or low resolution, I will not be able to change that. Also, the size of the file will influence the size of the image that I create for you. i.e.: 4” x 6” to 8” x 10.”


*I reserve the right to decline submitted photographs that are not wholesome.


  • Digital Product Only.


    Please allow 1 – 2 weeks once I receive your photograph.


    Contact me via my Contact page if you require further instructions.